Thermostatic Safety Valve - TSV

A hot and cold water mixing valve providing tepid water from 20°C to 43°C (adjustable) at a minimum rate of 122lpm at 2 bar. Should the hot water supply fail the systems internal by-pass continues to deliver cold water at a minimum of 105lpm at 2 bar. If the cold water supply fails the system shuts the hot water supply off to prevent scalding.
Connection: 1½” Male with optional kit including two 1” male adapters with check valves on the inlets.
Water inlet pressure (hot & cold): Recommended 2 bar with a maximum of 8 bar - please notify us prior to ordering if your water pressure is below 1.5 bar.
Hot water supply temperature: Optimum 50-70°C (Maximum 100°C)
Cold water supply temperature: 5-10°C (Maximum 23°C)
Fully closed temperature: 35°C
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