Laboratory Tap/Eye Wash single post mount - SEF-1850

Laboratory Tap/Eye Wash single post mount - SEF-1850


A revolutionary product that combines a lab tap with an independently operated eyewash. With a simple pull of the lever, water is instantly flushed into the eyes and with two separate water supplies ensuring that cold to tepid water brings relief regardless of whether the hot water is being run from the tap simultaneously, thus eliminating the risk of someone flushing scalding hot water into their eyes.

The single-post mount design saves valuable laboratory counter space and the eyewash features 7.57lpm flow rate at 30 psi whilst the tap features a 5.68lpm flow rate.

The supply line for this unit must provide an uninterruptible supply of flushing water at a minimum of 30 psi flowing pressure. If shut off valves are installed in the supply line of the eyewash, provisions must be made to prevent unauthorized shut off.

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