Heat Trace Shower - SE-7000

Heat Trace Shower - SE-7000


A heat traced combination decontamination station with bottom feed water supply protected against freezing with the shower and eye/face basin wrapped with hear trace cable insulation and an easy access ABS shell jacket to protect the unit to 45.55°C. (-50°C)
The eye/face wash basin features dual aerated spray outlets with automatic flow controls and flip top dust covers, while the impeller action shower is activated by a high visibility yellow pull rod and an integral freeze valve protects the unit from freezing in case of a power outage.

Equipped with a cast floor flange; suitable anchors must be used to ensure that the unit is rigid and properly secured before being used.

The unit must be connected to a potable water supply, with a temperature that will allow the user to shower for a minimum of 15 minutes without discomfort or shock due to cold water. (ANSI Z358.1 recommends a water temperature of be between 15.6°C and 32°C ensuring the water supply pipe work is protected from freezing.)

Heat Trace: 220 volts @ 20 watts per metre; self regulating
Showerhead: 8”Ø Cycolac® yellow plastic
Flow control: Internal 75.7lpm regulator
Freeze valve: Activates automatically below 4.4°C
Valve: 1” NPTF chrome plated brass stay-open ball valve
Activator: Powder coated high visibility yellow, aluminium triangular pull rod
Internal stanchion: 1” IPS galvanized steel pipe
Inlet: 1” NPT male, bottom supply
Performance: 75.7lpm @ 30psi
Finish: DuraJade™ green plastic
Eye/face wash spray head: Two yellow plastic spray outlets with automatic flow control and flip-top dust caps
Valves: 1/2” NPT brass, 3-way chrome plated ball valve
Performance: 14.5lpm @ 30 psi
Activator: Stainless steel push handle

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