Portable Eye/Face Wash Tank 34ltr- SE-4400

Portable Eye/Face Wash Tank 34ltr- SE-4400


The SE-4400 GravityFlo® portable eyewash is designed to provide the ultimate solution to locations requiring an eye wash but don’t have access to a potable water source. The unit features a 34.1ltr tank, providing a continuous flow for the ANSI Z358.1 required 15 minutes and with the capability of being shelf, table, or wall-mounted, this gravity operated eyewash can be placed practically anywhere.

After filling with potable water and dosing with water preservative, replace the fill cap and secure it with the tamper-evident seal tie and secure the included maintenance tag to the tank in a location where it can be easily checked.

A simple pull of the highly visible yellow activator instantly delivers relieving streams of water, allowing hands free operation.

Requirement: Water Preservative - 20-05-001

Run time (full tank): 15 minutes (minimum)

Flow rate: 1.5lpm (minimum)

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