Stainless Steel Portable Eye Wash Tank - TSPEWTANK


For all those situations where it is not possible to connect to the water mains, this portable stainless steel tank with emergency eye-washer spray head is fully compliant with the DIN EN 15154 standard. 

From new simply open the access cap on the top of the unit (if previously used, de-pressurise by pulling the ring before opening), rinse the tank out with water and then fill with 15ltr of portable water. Replace the cap and then pressurise to 6 bar with compressed air and the unit is ready for use.

Please note: To guarantee the highest possible purity of the water, it is advisable to change it at least once a month

Tank Size: 539mm x 227mmØ
Stainless steel hose: 1.5m long
Capacity: 18ltr (max. 15ltr of drinking water, no additives)
Operating pressure: 6 bar
Water flow: > 6 ltr per minute



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