IBC Spill Pallet with built-in dispensing area - BB1D

Backed by a 3 year guarantee.

A large capacity spill pallet, with a built-in dispensing area moulded from medium density polyethylene suitable for 1 x 1000ltr IBC, for use with most common sizes of intermediate bulk container (IBC), this unit complies with the 110% regulations, has broad band chemical compatibility and is rugged enough to withstand constant use. Instead of a removable deck this model has support columns moulded into the unit that the IBC sits directly on to.

External size: 2065mm L x 1445mm W x 705mm H.
Nº of containers: 1 x 1000ltr.
Sump capacity: 1100ltr.
Colour: Yellow.
Tare weight: 79kg.
UDL: 1500kg.



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