Galvanised Steel IBC Spill Pallet 1 x 1000ltr IBC - BG1100U


Manufactured from galvanised steel this spill pallet has a fully seam welded sump that is fully compliant with all the UK regulations relating to sump capacities and a removable galvanised steel grid mesh deck is fitted as standard as are the 150mm wide fork hoops, which are used for moving the pallet and keep the underside of the sump off the ground. 

Overall size: 1220mm L x 1220mm W x 865mm H (including fork hoops)
Number of containers: 1 x 1000ltr
Sump capacity: 1100ltr
Tare weight: 92kg
UDL: 1200kg/m² spread weight

Note: This unit will be delivered by an articulated vehicle, therefore please ensure that a vehicle of this size can access your premises before ordering and advise us accordingly.

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