Tank Shower Water Treatment 5ltr - 20-05-005

Tank Shower Water Treatment 5ltr - 20-05-005


EndoSan5™ is a solution of hydrogen peroxide which is stabilised using a specially formulated silver based chemistry and it is the most advanced silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide water treatment available on the market, making it the perfect product for use with your Tank Shower.

• Non toxic
• Decays into water and oxygen
• Odourless and tasteless
• Bio-degradable
• Long lasting fresh and microbe-free clear water
• Economical due to high stability and reduced maintenance costs
• Provides a non-toxic environment, no carcinogenic or mutagenic effect
• Safe and completely disinfected water ensuring no transfer of disease
• No algae formation, no side effects and no smells
• Prevents recontamination, hence reducing maintenance costs
• NSF ANSI 60 STANDARD (National Sanitation Foundation)
• DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) approved.
• Global approvals for drinking water systems
• CE Certified Medical Device Disinfectant Notified Body No: 1639
• Meets BS EN ISO Standards
• Highly effective in temperatures ranging from 0°C - 95°C and from pH levels ranging from 2 to 9

5ltr drum
Size: 182mm L x 162mm W x 245mm H
Weight: 5.36kg

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